How Can You Stay Involved During COVID-19?

Recall the sense of isolation you and your family felt at the peak of the COVID-19 crisis when you were stuck at home and couldn’t go anywhere. Now…imagine being isolated in a single hospital room. That is the daily reality for our Bags of Fun kids. Maybe you are starting to venture out now? These kids can’t, as it is far too dangerous.

They Need The Power Of Play Now More Than Ever!

There are 450 additional children that will need a Bag of Fun in 2020. With the recent COVID-19 restrictions, our Bags of Fun are more needed than ever before in our history. As such, we are continuing to raise funds and awareness to ensure we can say Yes to every Bags of Fun requested. Fundraising Status Thermometer

How we are helping families during COVID-19

“The COVID-19 crisis is causing immense fear and anxiety particularly for hospitalized children and their families. The provision of age appropriate arts, crafts, toys and therapeutic play materials allows children to still use play and express themselves and work through some of the psychological impact that they are experiencing.”

– Erika, Denver Health

Our Mission

Deliver a Bag of Fun to every sick child whose health and happiness is both compromised and threatened.

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Bags Given Across the Country
*Omaha, Nebraska coming soon...


felt that the Bag of Fun helped parents feel less isolated because others are thinking of them and their child


agreed that playing with their child reinforced that he/she is a child first, not just a patient.


agreed that engaging in play with their child provided a distraction for the parent as a caregiver from the stress of the illness.


of participants believed that playing with items in the Bag helped their child cope and maintain some normalcy during treatments.


The best distraction there is.


The best medicine around.


A naturopathic healer.